New Horizons Presbyterian Church

Kenyan Well - Update June 2014

In April of this year, the deep water well was dug at Rumuruti, Laikepia, Kenya- in the Northeastern arid part of Kenya where thousands of different tribes have been relocated since fighting began on the border of Somalia several years ago. Women and children had to walk up to 20 miles a day to get surface water. Now they don’t! Our two churches, our Presbytery and other churches and people contributed to the $30,000 that it cost to drill this well. The well has now been dug and the water is a good quality and there is plenty of it. The only issue now is to get the electric pump in place so that the water is available. The village of Rumuruti is raising the money for the pump as we speak. Candy Parson, an elder from New Horizons went along with Pastor Isaac from the Kenyan church to see the well being dug this April. The people are so thankful that their days of walking so far are nearly over. Who knows how the women and children will now spend their time? In school? Learning to sew or planting crops or caring for livestock? It will change their lives to have life giving water!

One of our members drew a picture of Kenyan people receiving this water and it hangs in the Presbyterian church there in Rumuruti. The water extends from their fingers to each other and even the crops and herds. Indeed it is living water!

See the slide show below to view that picture and some of the drilling process.